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Easy To Use

CMS Pro project management software is designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. Get your team up and running with minimal effort.


CMS Pro requires nothing to download, no installations, and the learning curve is minimal. Simply login and start managing your projects right away.

Mobile Ready

CMS Pro has been developed to work perfectly from desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Access your projects from anywhere, anytime, starting today.

All Company Data in One Place!

Multiple Access Levels

– Admin level can see everything and use all the features of the CMS Pro, including adding accounts and assigning user roles.
– General Manager level can view and use all the features, except account management.
– Project Managers (or Sales) can view and use all the features on the Projects they are assigned to. They cannot view or access anything that is not associated with their projects.
– Field users only have access to the Mobile App. This allows those users to quickly upload images, documents, and make job notes to any company project but they are restricted from viewing any of the files or details.

Auto Refreshing Activity Log

– This allows users with access to see real-time information being uploaded to the CMS Pro. Including new customers / leads, new projects, added job notes, images, events, and files.

Global Search Function

– This allows users to quickly search through the entire CMS Pro to find any file, image, customer, project, or event.

Project Notes

– Notes are linked to projects and stamped with the date, time, and user name.

Google Maps Integration

– Addresses have to be selected through the Google Maps pop up, eliminating typos. Allowing the mobile App to access your mobile device location enables the CMS Pro to suggest the address where the user is located at the time of entry.

CMS Pro Project Management Data

Mobile App for iOS and Android

– The app allows quick and easy access to update project notes, upload images and documents which feed to the desktop CMS Pro.

CMS Pro Project Management Users Activities

Maximum Speed, Expedient Support & SSL Security

Synced and Secure

All your CMS Pro contacts, project files and data remain protected behind encrypted SSL security and backed up to multiple locations daily.

Dedicated Support

Dependable support from experienced people who are responsive. Contact our support team via phone or email when you require system assistance.

Fast & Dependable

Cloud based project management software on a high bandwidth dedicated server assures data is fast and ready to scale. CMS Pro grows with your business.

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